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Denise Wasson

Lamar Odom - NBA Basketball Player

Lisa Kruitbosch - 2 time Cancer Survivor

Jeanette Vierra

Katarina Castillo

Unveiling the Heartfelt Stories of Balance7 Alkaline Concentrate

Bruce Fleisher - Professional golfer

Let me start out by saying thank God for Balance7™. I had a horrific fungus that began at the age of 70. I couldn't believe it: I went to 2 different dermatologists, 3 different doctors had laser every remedy you could imaginable under the sun – and still no progress. You can only imagine how disappointed I was after spending thousands of dollars trying to understand what's going on. I used to have the most beautiful nails – something I was very proud of. For those of you who don't understand how the fingernails work, there are seven layers of nails that make up one fingernail. I had only three left. That's why when I bang my nails into something firm it would send me to the roof. I was very upset and even got to where I had to wear gloves so that I didn't have to look at them. I had my doubts but was willing to try anything at this point. Thank God again for Balance 7™. You told me for 20 minutes the following four days soak my nails and see what happens. Guess what? Fungus is gone, and now I'm just waiting for my nailbeds to regrow. Again thank you for all you've done for me – and thank God for Balance7™.

Greg Nickel

I am 48 years old. After two weeks of taking Balance 7™ the pain and swelling from my knee injury from laying floors without kneepads were totally gone. Swelling reduced within a week, and I was totally pain-free in 2 weeks. I can kneel without any pain and have full mobility. Further, I have a noticeable reduction of inflammation in my entire body resulting in increased joint mobility. I can touch my toes – I have not been able to do that since I was a young boy. I also have less bulky tissue, which has made my entire body trimmer. I have noticeably more energy and crispness of thought. What a great product!


Balance 7™ has been a major factor in helping my now 82-year-old mom beat cancer twice in the last 18 months. The doctors told us she would be dead within 3 months from Merkel cell cancer each time. Having such a super aggressive cancer right before the pandemic was scary enough. Having it again during the pandemic has been scarier and more challenging. We know it kept her C-free in between bouts for 13 months and has assisted in her immunotherapy response during her second bout. Her blood test results have been quite amazing during the times she drinks Balance 7™. My sincere hope is she will find a way to drink it every day for the rest of her life. We would love to share more of her test results and story with you if you'd like us to. 

Holly Davidson

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Valerie Mercado

I have been taking what I call Balance7 for around 2 months now pretty consistently. I am a professional and literally run 2 businesses in addition to being a major networker on the beautiful Central Coast of California. I need all the energy I can get. I heard about Balance7 and thought I would give it a try. Like most at first, I was unsure and didn't take it regularly. The more I heard about the benefits and the more I studied about the product the more I understood how beneficial it could be. I was known to show up late to everything. NOT the case anymore. In addition to serious energy, I also lost a few pounds I think because Balance7 has definitely curved my hunger cravings. Because I work hard, I also play hard. I have found that believe it or not it has helped with my hangovers (I live in wine country lol). I have since recommended it to my mom, family, and co-workers. Just so you know, I don't just put my name behind anything. It also helps when you know an actual doctor endorses the product. Living the Balance7 Life, which means longer and healthier! 

Dorothy Sevlie

This is a somewhat unusual introduction to the regular use of Balance7. Several months ago I purchased a gallon of Balance7 using the "Howie 15" promo code. For a week or two I looked at the jug, but didn't open it right away...but...Holiday season was here and I love pickled herring at that time of year. However, it gave me terrible heartburn. Decided to crack open the Balance7 and take a shot before I ate the herring. Voile! No more herring heartburn. While I'm not up to the 3 doses a day, I now take it in the morning before coffee on an empty stomach and, of course, before herring. It works!

Richard Hanechak - Digestive and Energetic Restoration

I began using Balance7 shortly after the pandemic began, to very good effect. I used it for several months and I was feeling great. Then for some reason I let it run out. My energy level plummeted and the change in my digestion and elimination caused me to think something was drastically, potentially catastrophically wrong. Balance7 kept e-mailing me, and Tammy (The Wonderful) got a gallon sent out to me in record time. Balance7 is truly life changing for me, for the better. I have copious amounts of energy and every aspect of my digestion is consistent with excellent, robust, resilient health. I keep a gallon at home and one at work. I am extremely grateful for Balance7, and thankful for Tammy’s excellent service and attitude.

Hubert-Armand T

Balance7 is been very help strengthen your immune system to resist certain type of diseases which attached your body defenses.

Christopher Afriyie

One of the best products ever seen in my life, I love it.

Thomas Plymale

I am a retired Firefighter and Stage 4 Colorectal cancer patient.

I started chemotherapy treatment in April 2021 on Folfox and then, due to neuropathy switched to Folfiri w. Avastin in October 2021. The Folfiri caused constant nausea and I tried many different anti-nausea medications during this time. Due to nausea, it was hard to eat, and I started losing weight, I dropped down to below 150lbs which was pretty extreme for my 5’10” frame.

I heard about Balance 7 from my Oncologist, and he recommended I try it. In January 2022 I got my first shipment and started drinking 3 oz. per day as directed.

My results were nothing short of immediate! The constant state of nausea from the chemotherapy subsided and I was able to eat normally, even mildly spicy foods which caused me heartburn during chemotherapy! I broke through my weight loss spiral and now maintain a healthy weight of 165lbs. I also noticed an increase in energy and stamina.

I am still taking Balance 7 regularly and am now able to exercise and do things like housework and gardening without too much fatigue. I also noticed the bitter taste of Balance 7 started to change as my body adapted to it, it is palatable now and after drinking, there is no aftertaste.

I plan on continuing to use Balance 7 as I feel it has given me back some quality of life.


I recommend this product for those that are suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy. Nausea and fatigue were my biggest issues and I understand that the product has many other benefits which I haven’t been able to quantify yet. My current chemotherapy treatment seems to be effective in fighting my cancer, based on my latest blood work numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Balance 7 plays a key role in that!

Thank you for this product and your team's dedication to providing relief to those suffering from many different ailments.

Graham Chadwick

I just have a few observations, about my experiences with Balance7. I have noticed that my skin is softer, less dry in dry places, and moister in smother, especially on my palms. No more sore places in the gums. I now have no body odor at all. I mean no pit smell, foot smell, no feces smell, etc. How is this possible? I know there are other internal things going on that I cannot as yet evaluate. I have not become free of pain which was my main objective. So I am a bit disappointed in that area.

Joe H.

I have been previously prescribed omeprazole for Heartburn. I did not want to take the drug for an extended time due to potential side effects. I started taking Balance7 two years ago and haven't taken the drug since. It hasn't cured my heartburn but it certainly helps.



the “bad” taste I was experiencing has diminished. I assume that means it's working and my body is becoming less acidic. I’m really glad I’ve stuck with it. I continue to feel better. I know it’s still early, but I am a believer in this product. What I really appreciate is its affordability. There are so many products that claim to give you better health. Some cost upwards of hundreds of dollars per month. I really respect you for not doing that.

Not sure I mentioned it, but I heard your radio commercial on AM560 in Chicago.

John Curuby

I have a friend that recommended your product. He gave me a bit to try, and I was extremely satisfied. So, I've bought some for myself, some family and friends.

I have not had the citrus flavor before, so I am hoping to like it. If not, I will have to get the original. I have no problem with its taste, but the three people I'm gifting-to have a much more sensitive palate.

Joe Short

I've started drinking Balance7 with my dad no more heartburn and my hair started growing back! And i feel more energized!!

Robert Fitzgerald

After many years of focusing on work and personal related business, I didn't realize the fast downward health spiral I was facing in front of me. I was feeling extremely apathetic, tired all the time (no matter if I slept for a few hours or ten+ hours) and it just became normal to live in this state of fog.

After taking a long honest review of myself, I realized it all stemmed from my careless lack in diet and exercise (not to sound cliché). I'm sure I'm not the only one, although after years and years of focusing on work next thing you know 6 odd years went by and your mojo is gone. I tried countless ways to start again only to last a week or two before dwindling down again for the next while. I genuinely didn't how to create an everlasting start again.

While my best friend and I were out at lunch, I just happened to randomly bring all that up and voice my concerns about my health. He looked at me and simply asked, "Have you looked into Balance7?" After that, I researched for what seemed like days and decided to give it a go since market energy drinks or pre-workout weren't cutting it anymore.

I can sincerely say I'm back at it strong 3-5 times a week for the last month & a half all while building up to more, feels like I'm back in my mid-twenties again! It gave me all my energy and then some I didn't realize I had, my mental sharpness skyrocketed (able to remember and memorize like never before), and my passion to live a long strong healthy life returned!! I would recommend Balance7 to you or anyone you may know fitness or not, with no hesitation. Can't thank the creator of this product enough!

Pete Talbert

Couple of things l want to share with you.

First off as of today l have now lost 112 lbs since April of 2021 but even bigger is my blood pressure.

113/75 pulse 58.

Never have l been so low. Balance 7 has escalated my weight loss and overall health in a big way.

Kathy Carr



Christopher A.

One of the best products ever seen in my life – I love it

Sandy Lewis

Balance7 is a great product does what it says is an honorable company delivers quickly give you full information about the product is transparent. Could not say enough good things about this particular company

Pamela Hughes

I have been using Balance 7 for the past couple of years. When my first shipment arrived, I was experiencing some heartburn. I took a dose right away, and experienced instant relief! | have been using Balance 7 ever since, and have never looked back. I even keep a small bottle in my mini-fridge at work, so that I can take a midday dose, along with my daily morning and evening doses.

My sister-in-law was troubled by chronic back and hip pain, and she is now a Balance 7 "convert" as well. She claims that it helps her to stay active, improving her flexibility and helping her to keep up with training her young Rottweiler puppy. We love Balance 7, and are so thankful to have discovered its healing properties!

Ell Lucey

I first heard about Balance7 on Howie's show. I believed in what Howie was saying about all the benefits Balance 7 offers. I also believe Howie would not endorse a bad product! I took advantage of the offer and used Howie's discount at checkout. I am very pleased and am experiencing more energy now since I recently started taking Balance7

Thank you Howiel

Connie Nadeau

I was a bit skeptical at first, however, I hope I can always be able to purchase. I'm 70 living on social security and have so many health issues. I'm on my 6th bottle and have eliminated the protonix I have been on for a year before that it was 15 years of omeprazole and lots of Pepcid. I'm redux and get free, no heartburn at all after eating. I have been going to a pain clinic for 6 years for migraines and severe spine issues. I've noticed some pain relief and hoping to eliminate pain meds and spinal procedures by using balance 7. I have substantially increased energy, sleep much better, and improved depression. I'm a true believer in this product. If you have any issues I highly encourage you to give it a try. At least 5-6 bottles if you have had issues for a while. I know it can't hurt you to try and I hope you will be helped!

Katie Ross

I started using balance 7 about 1.5 years ago. It helps my aching joints, calms my heartburn, and if I've had a cocktail or 2 I take it before bed and wake up feeling great!

Graydon Gaines

I started 3 oz per day 4 weeks ago, I have lost 11 lbs primarily because my sugar cravings are gone. I also eat smaller meals, not trying to diet, it just happened.