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#1 Alkaline Concentrate Supplement

Revitalize your immune system in just 3 days with Balance7™

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Proven Results, Natural Solution

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The only supplement you will ever need

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Increase your energy and invigorate your well-being with high alkaline concentrate.

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Balance7™: a movement towards a life filled with energy, clarity, and vitality.

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Stories of renewal, joy, and transformation.

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The 7 Benefits of Balance7™

The ideal pH level for the human body is 7. Our Balance7 supplement can also has 7 key benefits to improve your health.

More Energy

Heartburn & Digestion

Optimize pH Balance

Immunity Booster

Mental Clarity

Reduce Acid

Joint Relief

Alkaline Supplements

Proven Results, Natural Solution

The Only Supplement You'll Ever Need

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What is in Balance7?

Combining the best of nature with scientific research to offer products that support the body's natural healing processes.


Hydrogenated water

Increases anti-inflamatory and antioxidant properties in water.


Trisodium phosphate

Approved by the FDA, the additive is often found in meat, cheese, and baked goods.


Sodium carbonate

Neutralizes gastric acid thereby acting as an antacid.


Sodium bicarbonate

A natural antacid that helps with heartburn, digestion, and more.

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Denise Wasson - Cancer Survivor

With the help of Balance7™, Denise is here today. She is NOT a paid actor.

  • Watch: Denise Wasson

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Explore firsthand accounts of transformation and wellness through our curated YouTube playlist of testimonials. Witness the powerful impact of Balance7 on individuals just like you.

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Balance7: Taste Your Health

What Does Balance7's Taste Tell You About Your Health?

Balance7 offers more than just a supplement; its taste may hold the key to understanding your body's pH balance and overall health. As surprising as it may seem, the taste of Balance7 can provide valuable insights into the state of your internal environment.

If your palate detects a bitter or salty taste when consuming Balance7, it could signal that your body is leaning towards acidity. This acidic imbalance, known as acidosis, can lead to a myriad of health issues, including joint pain, headaches, digestion problems, fatigue, memory issues, and sleep disturbances.

Results in 3 days.

M.D. Approved.

Natural Ingredients.

Stronger Immunity.

#1 Alkaline Concentrate Supplement

+6 Million Units Sold Worldwide.

Dr. Ahmad Nooristani featuring Balance 7 products

Medical Expertise


"Balance7 provides concentrated alkaline in the most absorbable form to help strengthen the body's natural defenses against diseases and other ailments.

With its unique blend of inorganic minerals, and hydrogenated water it helps maintain alkalinity in the body to improve energy levels and enhance overall health and wellbeing."

Dr. Nooristani, M.D.

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Increase your energy and invigorate your being with our high alkaline concentrate.

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Alkaline Supplement product

Reset, Revive, and Sustain.

Three toasts to your health!

First toast to your health: 1 ounce three times a day of Balance7 for a body reset. Second toast: experience revival with each cell energized. And the third toast: sleep and heal, sustaining vitality throughout the day.

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Acidosis is a condition characterized by an imbalance in the body's pH levels, leading to an excessive accumulation of acid. While the body has mechanisms to regulate pH levels within a narrow rang...

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