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Article: National Glaucoma Awareness Month

National Glaucoma Awareness Month - Balance7

National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Celebrate National Glaucoma Awareness Month with Insightful Health Choices

With January's calendar page turning, it's time to focus on a critical health issue impacting millions: glaucoma. Noting National Glaucoma Awareness Month, we look at eye health and the startling statistic held by the CDC that says over 3 million Americans have glaucoma and up to half are not even aware they may have it.

Often called 'the silent thief of sight', glaucoma is a series of optical conditions that damage optic nerves' eyes, essential for good vision. Very much the insidiousness of the glaucoma has to deal with the threat it poses to one's vision and the slow pace at which this condition progresses, thus complicating its early detection. This condition can lead to irreversible vision loss, emphasizing the need for awareness and proactive health choices.

Early detection is essential in prevention of glaucoma. Routine eye examination is not just a routine check up but a very key tool to aid in early identification of glaucoma signs before any major destruction takes place. Technological advancements now make it possible to detect glaucoma earlier and more accurately thus interventions can be done at times when they are most impactful so as to try and prevent vision loss.

The general wellbeing has a close relationship with eye health. A mix of a holistic approach to health can be contributive towards vision that is satisfactory. Some herbs and supplements along with eye workouts as exercise can aid in slowing down the progression of glaucoma though may not be responsible for preventing the incidence.

Dr. Nooristani, the CEO of Balance7 and a holistic health follower, insists on taking an integrated approach to eliminate the menace of glaucoma. According to him, keeping our body in balance and keeping it alkaline are really important factors which could be done with the help of Balance7. Revolutionary in nature, this supplement is made to boost general health and eventually keep your eye health at its most optimal.

Experience the Benefits of Balance7™Dr. Nooristani endorses Balance7™ to support your immune health through proper body balance and alkalinity. Try it now!


Balance7 has already hit the ground running and already has over 6 million bottles sold across the world. This success story is not in just the numbers but in an overall positive impact on one's health including eyesight. Balance7 users report the tremendous growth in their well-being that strengthens this supplement's efficacy.

Your first line of defense, in other words a healthy diet and the exercise regimen will help combat glaucoma. Nutrient-rich foods especially high vitamin content such as vitamins A, C, E among others are necessary to keep your eyes healthy. Regularity in exercising as well ensures better blood supply to the optic nerve and retina, in addition to reducing the chance of glaucoma. Using Balance7 in your daily program is easy. The supplement should form part of a healthy diet and exercise program, providing strength and support to the body so that one does not enter an illness-prone state easily. Lifestyle choices go a long way in prevention and management of glaucoma. Little adjustments like periodic eye checkup, eating right, and consistently using supplements such as Balance7 will ensure that one has great eyesight all their life.

The process of raising awareness about glaucoma involves community effort where the initiatives and campaigns are launched at the time of National Glaucoma Awareness Month where people are reached out with educational programs through hosting efforts that inform and involve them in masses. Personal stories and experiences also help greatly to pass on the word of caution along with measures to be undertaken for taking active eye health steps.

The challenge of glaucoma doesn't really end in January. Instead, it goes on throughout the year and includes the need to be informed, inspired by the latest findings and developments in eye care, and engaged in a never-ending search for knowledge.

Use of technology is extremely vital in the regard of detection and management of glaucoma in its early stages. Technological improvements from groundbreaking diagnostic tools to alternative innovative remedial procedures have helped transform eye care.

Glaucoma has been a problem affecting different countries across the world differently, depending on different factors that cause its prevalence in various countries. There have, however, been international efforts to create awareness as well as avail the required resources for prevention and treatment of the disease globally.

Development of eye health awareness in the future generation is imperative for early prevention. Today, it is a normal procedure in most school and community program schedules where students are sensitized about their eye health so as to help them cultivate good habits from an early age.

Further research that is going on and ongoing clinical trials in the treatment of glaucoma do offer promising prospects for the future in dealing with a disease. The unprecedented advancement in medical science has offered solutions which were not there some decades ago, hence Hope is what instills among those affected by glaucoma.

Join the Movement for Healthy Vision

Everyone is invited to join the movement towards healthy vision. Take part in awareness programs, enlightening yourself and others about glaucoma, opting a balanced lifestyle supported by products like Balance7.

FAQs: Common Questions on Glaucoma and Eye-Health

  • What are the early signs of glaucoma? Early signs and symptoms of glaucoma, in many cases, include the gradual loss of peripheral vision; however, symptoms may be not pronounced until significant damage has occurred. The only sure way to diagnose and detect glaucoma is the comprehensive eye examination.
  • Can changing habits really help improve eye health? Yes. Proper nutrition, well structured fitness programs, and enough supplementation can contribute a great deal, controlling the blinding eye diseases like the glaucoma, to the overall eye health.
  • How does Balance7 help the eyes? Balance7 helps to establish and maintain the proper, balanced, alkaline environment which ultimately leads to overall health including good vision. It is a supplement to other habits of supporting good vision.
  • Is glaucoma an elderly problem? Glaucoma is more common with the elderly, however, in all age categories, any person can be affected by glaucoma. Early recognition and regular eye examinations are important in all sectors of the population.
  • How can I participate in National Glaucoma Awareness Month? Make a stronger effort during the month to raise awareness from glaucoma and encourage others to make an eye examination appointment.
  • How often should I have my eye checked? One should visit its specialist for a comprehensive eye examination once in every one to two years depending on the age group of the patient, his risk factors as well as whether he wears glasses currently or just contact lenses.

During this National Glaucoma Awareness Month, let us commit to preserving our invaluable sight. Through regular health screenings, healthy living and assisting products such as Balance7, we can maintain the vision clear and the future bright.

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