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Article: National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month - Balance7

National Blood Donor Month

Year-Round Blood Donation: A Critical Need Beyond National Blood Donor Month - Insight from Balance7's CEO Dr. Nooristani

January, recognized as National Blood Donor Month, is a crucial period that draws attention to the year-long necessity of blood donation. Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7, underscores the importance of this continuous lifesaving effort, emphasizing the crucial role of personal health in supporting this cause.

The Constant Need for Blood Donations:

The CDC's alarming statistics reveal that every two seconds, someone in the U.S. requires a blood transfusion. This high demand stresses the importance of sustained blood donations to support the nation's healthcare system.

The American Red Cross's Critical Role:

As the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the U.S., the American Red Cross plays a key role in meeting these demands. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has significantly impacted blood collections, leading to the cancellation of numerous drives.

Your Health's Role in Blood Donation:

For potential donors, a robust immune system is vital. While Balance7™ is not directly linked to blood donation, its role in boosting immune health helps individuals stay prepared to donate.

Dr. Nooristani's Advocacy for Continual Blood Donation:

Dr. Nooristani advocates for ongoing commitment to blood donation throughout the year. He emphasizes the role of maintaining good health, including the supportive function of Balance7™, in enabling regular donations.

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Understanding Blood Donation Types:

Different types of blood donations cater to various medical needs:

  • Whole Blood Donation: The most versatile type, involving the donation of approximately one pint of blood.
  • Red Cells (Power Red): This donation type, consisting of a concentrated dose of red blood cells, is particularly beneficial for trauma victims and surgical patients.
  • Platelets: Crucial for clotting, platelet donations support cancer patients and those undergoing specific treatments.
  • Plasma: Used in emergencies and for patients with certain conditions, plasma donations are vital for various treatments.

Where and How to Donate: Making Your Contribution

Finding a place to donate is the next step. Organizations such as the American Red Cross (, AABB (, and America’s Blood Centers ( offer locations nationwide. Mobile facilities and local hospitals often host blood drives.

Preparing for Your Donation: Ensuring a Smooth Experience

Essential tips for potential donors include:

  • Eating iron-rich foods and staying hydrated.
  • Avoiding aspirin for two days before donating platelets.
  • Providing a photo ID and vaccination information during the donation.
  • Resting and hydrating post-donation.


What is the FDA’s Role in Ensuring Blood Safety?
The FDA oversees the safety of blood donations, including testing and regulations to protect both donors and recipients.
What Are the Different Safety Layers in Blood Donation?
Donor screening, deferral lists, donation testing, quarantine, and addressing problems are key to ensuring blood safety.
How Can I Ensure I'm Eligible to Donate Blood?
Good health, meeting basic physical requirements, and being free from infections that can be transmitted through transfusion are essential criteria.
How Do Emerging Diseases Affect Blood Safety?
The FDA continuously works to develop sensitive tests and study pathogen reduction technologies to address emerging diseases and ensure the safety of blood components.
What Impact Does My Blood Donation Have?
Every donation can save up to three lives, helping trauma victims, cancer patients, surgical patients, and many others.

The need for blood donation is an ongoing priority extending beyond National Blood Donor Month. Through informed and committed health maintenance, each individual can significantly contribute to this essential mission. Dr. Nooristani, alongside the Balance7 team, encourages everyone to support this vital cause and consider regular blood donation as a part of their community health contribution.

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