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Article: Diabetes Alert Day 2024: A Call to Action from Dr. Nooristani

Diabetes Alert Day 2024: A Call to Action from Dr. Nooristani - Balance7

Diabetes Alert Day 2024: A Call to Action from Dr. Nooristani

As we come together to celebrate Diabetes Alert Day on March 26, 2024, we are called upon to shed light on an issue affecting millions worldwide—diabetes. As the CEO of Balance7 and a working physician, I encounter diabetes firsthand and secondhand, compelling me to establish a close working relationship with the disease. Through my experiences, I aim to highlight the critical importance of recognizing your diabetes risk and introduce Balance7 as a key ally in our collective journey towards health and wellness.

The battle against diabetes is not just a mirage of figures in a health epidemic; it’s a reality affecting real lives. The National Institutes of Health reports that 38.4 million Americans are grappling with diabetes, and an astounding 8.7 million are unaware of their condition. However, the broader threat lies with the nearly 100 million adults on the brink of becoming diabetic, a condition known as prediabetes.

The escalating number of diabetes cases in America is a wake-up call. These aren’t just alarming statistics; they represent the lives, dreams, and futures of individuals across our nation. Diabetes is a silent killer that must no longer be allowed to ravage our communities unchecked.

Knowing your risk factor is the first step towards better health. Family history, body weight, and activity level are all critical areas of concern. I encourage everyone to take the Diabetes Risk Test. This simple and affordable test is the first step in the marathon to combat diabetes.

Prevention: The Power in Your Hands

You cannot underestimate the power of prevention. Studies like the Diabetes Prevention Program have shown that type 2 diabetes is preventable. A simple but powerful formula—the combination of small, sustainable lifestyle changes—can yield enormous health benefits. Moderate weight loss, combined with physical activity or dietary changes, can reduce your diabetes risk by more than half.

Balance7: Fighting Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a leading cause of many diseases, including diabetes. By promoting your body's natural response to inflammation, Balance7 might help you manage the risk associated with prolonged inflammation. It’s not only about pH levels—it’s about enabling your body to maintain its own defense systems. We are committed to assisting you in fostering the best internal environment for overall health and well-being.

By integrating Balance7 with a comprehensive approach that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, mindful stress reduction, and other healthful practices, we believe you are taking a significant step towards not just managing health conditions but also precipitously lowering your diabetes risk by addressing the underlying causes.

Experience the Benefits of Balance7™ – Dr. Nooristani endorses Balance7™ to support your immune health through proper body balance and alkalinityShop now!

Making Informed Decisions: The Importance of Diabetes Alert Day

Diabetes Alert Day is more than just another date on the calendar; it serves as a crucial reminder for reflection, education, and action. It is a day to confront your fears and feel empowered. It also marks a chance for potential transformation in your life. Today, we recognize that "minding one's health" is inseparable from "minding diabetes."

On this Diabetes Alert Day, let us remember that diabetes is not an abstract foe but a tangible disease that can be confronted with informed efforts and deliberate choices. Together, and with resources like Balance7, we can and will address this challenge effectively.

Stay alert, stay proactive, and, most importantly, stay hopeful.

Dr. Nooristani, M.D.,

CEO of Balance7

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