About The Founder

About The Founder

Founder Alvin “Al” Siamon developed Balance7 back in 1999 after reading reports of over 2 million people in America being stricken with strep infections. During that outbreak, more than 80,000 deaths resulted from those infections. That event started Al on a journey to do something to help.

After a successful career as a lifelong entrepreneur and patent holder developing antimicrobial / antibacterial products, Al came out of retirement at the age of 69 and invented Balance7 at great personal financial risk as a means to naturally enable the body to fight disease and illness without prescription drugs.


Alvin Siamon Balance7

Alvin “Al” Siamon


Al’s formulation stemming from this outbreak has resulted in over 6 million units being sold worldwide. Al’s Patient pending formulation has contributed to improving the health of countless individuals. Al answered the call to serve humanity and now is passionate in bringing this product to as many people as possible.

Today, at the age of 90, Al is convinced this product has saved countless of lives, including his own. In 2013, at the age 83, Al had prostate surgery and three days later was diagnosed with the critical need of a quadruple bypass heart surgery. The doctors predicted recovery would take 6-8 months before resuming a normal life… Al was back at it in 6 weeks! All the while Al never had to take the pain medication prescribed to him. Al attributes this amazing recovery to a strict regime of Balance7 as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In 2018, Al was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The treatment involved chemotherapy and Al continued to adhere to his strict regime of Balance7. Al is convinced his regime of Balance7 stopped the side effects of the chemotherapy and today at the age of 90 looks and feels decades younger. 

Al has several patents for inventing products that deal with antimicrobial properties for both topical and internal body applications. Al is convinced that removing acidity from the body is the key to naturally fight illness, disease and to aid in body recovery.

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