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Welcome to Balance7’s Cognitive Health and Memory Care Program

Balance7™'s Cognitive Wellness Initiative

Balance7™ is proud to launch a compassionate initiative aimed at supporting those navigating memory care challenges or broader cognitive health concerns. We are offering a select group the opportunity to receive a complimentary three-month supply of B7c, our wellness supplement, meticulously crafted to aid in cognitive health and memory care.

Exploring the Realm of Cognitive Health

Embracing Memory Care and Cognitive Wellness

Millions globally grapple with cognitive health challenges that impact everyday life. Balance7™ responds with B7c, crafted to foster brain health and overall well-being. This supplement is an integral part of a holistic strategy designed to augment traditional memory care and cognitive health practices.

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Balance7™’s Comprehensive Approach

Harmonizing Mind and Body for Cognitive Resilience

Advocated by Dr. Nooristani, B7c is recommended as an integral component of a daily health regimen. Designed for thrice-daily consumption, its purpose is to bolster cognitive acuity and fortify immune defenses, thus enhancing life quality for those facing cognitive health challenges.

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Supporting Cognitive and Immune Well-Being

Extending Beyond Just Supplements

With our continued research and development, Balance7™ is at the forefront of providing a combined solution for cognitive clarity and immune health. Embrace a healthier, more balanced life with us.

Participation Opportunity


Our program welcomes individuals facing memory care challenges or cognitive health concerns. This includes those at risk of or currently experiencing memory and cognitive issues.

Usage Guidance

Dr. Nooristani recommends a daily regimen of one ounce, administered three times, as a supportive measure in your cognitive health journey.


Embark on your path to enhanced cognitive and memory health by completing our detailed online questionnaire. Upon submission, a Balance7 representative will review your responses and get in touch to discuss further steps.

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Embrace Your Journey to Cognitive Clarity

If you or someone close to you is focusing on managing cognitive health or facing memory care challenges, consider participating in our program. Let’s join hands to work towards a future of greater cognitive clarity and enhanced memory wellness.