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Al & Dr.

The Founder and the CEO

The story of Balance7 and our founder:

Alvin ‘Al’ Siamon.

The genesis of Balance7 Dietary Supplement pH+ dates back to 1999 when Al, moved by distressing reports of over two million Americans afflicted by various infections, took it upon himself to make a profound difference.

Thus, from the wake of disease was born Al’s resilience and his promise to stop it from ever happening again.

Al's story is one of perseverance and transformation.

After a thriving career as an entrepreneur and a patent holder specializing in groundbreaking antimicrobial and antibacterial innovations, Al came out of retirement at the age of sixty-nine.  

Thus, Balance was born. Al considers this product as both his masterpiece as well as his way of giving back to society so that all may be able to live a healthy life simply in the most natural way without any need for prescription medication that carries more side effects than it does benefits.

Founder: Al Simon

In 1999 Balance7 was founded

Even the medical community was left speechless by Al’s unwavering spirit. Seeing this seemingly ancient man not giving in to old age’s inflictions such as kidney cancer and triple bypass surgery, even the most stubborn of doctors could deny that Al’s physical victories were the result of Balance7, a magic elixir, as close to the fountain of youth that they had ever seen.

At the core of Al's indomitable journey lies a transformative paradigm shift – a vibrant, life affirming portrait of an entrepreneur in his nineties who defied the conventional narrative of aging.

Fueled by an unwavering commitment to preserving life, Al engineered Balance7 with an unwavering mission: to revolutionize lives and redefine the very essence of aging.

Witness to his own robust health and enduring vitality, Siamon, proudly living out loud in his nineties, is living testament to the vibrant potential of aging well.


A word from Dr. Nooristani, M. D.


My name is Dr. Ahmad Nooristani and I am the proud C.E.O of Balance7.

In my 15 years of practicing medicine, I have been part of many breakthrough researches involving alternative medicine.

I have always believed in listening to my patients and that has helped me open my eyes to alternative ways of treating illnesses so that my patients may receive the best treatment that is right for them.

One such illness is one that hides in plain sight: feelings of low energy, lethargy, exhaustion and general poor health. And though science may not yet have a name for this illness, I believe that I may have found the answer to these ailments: Balance7 alkaline concentrate.


Balance7: M.D. APPROVED

I wholeheartedly believe in Balance7’s promise of creating a
neutral pH environment for optimal physical health. I believe that an
unnecessarily acidic environment brings a host of problems for the body such as inflammation, lowered immunity as well as a penchant for falling prey to bacterial, viral and fungal afflictions and Balance7 helps improve your quality of life so you may not only combat these but also avoid them altogether and that too in a sustainable fashion.

Right now, my team of revolutionaries and I are fully immersed in the task of bringing scientific innovation to the realm of natural remedies in order to meet our consumers’ everyday needs.

It is my life’s mission to make Balance7 and all the products in our portfolio your one-stop solution in your journey towards an elevated standard of living.

If you’re reading this, I would personally like to welcome you on-board to the rest of your life: a healthy, youthful and energetic life with Balance7.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Nooristani.

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