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Article: The Science!

The Science! - Balance7

The Science!

Balance7™ is a liquid dietary supplement with the powerful ability to raise the pH levels in the body. It is a proprietary mixture of safe, all natural minerals that trigger the body’s own ability to produce alkalinity.


Stones Balance


From conception to production, Al Siamon spent over two decades developing and testing Balance 7™. This unique, easy to use blend works without expensive products or complicated diets. A consistent and daily regimen greatly improves the efficacy and potency of the pH balancing process. Since its inception in 2005, the use and introduction of Balance 7™ in the United States and to over 5 million people worldwide has produced a steady stream of testimonies about the products extraordinary health benefits. Most people find that within 72 hours they begin to have more energy, greater clarity of thought, and feel healthier overall. Good balance enables better performance of the immune system and helps the body maintain vibrant, long term health. It also strengthens the body’s ability to fight against sickness and disease.


Balance 7™

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