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Article: How I Got the Virus and How I Won the Battle?

How I Got the Virus and How I Won the Battle? - Balance7

How I Got the Virus and How I Won the Battle?

My dear loyal customers, on the 23rd of December I had 3 people come up from Los Angeles to meet with Dr. Nooristani and me to offer us a business proposal. They wanted to order 200 40- foot containers of our product for Asia, I told them couldn’t do it because I wouldn’t have the product for the American market.

We settled on a much lesser amount, and they left about 5:30 that evening. I heard the next day that one member of the group had been taken to the hospital with Covid-19. I grabbed my bottle of you-know-what and doubled the dose. Exactly at 5:00 pm in the evening on the 26th of December, exactly 3 days to the hour, I started to cough uncontrollably. It lasted until about 11 pm when I finally fell asleep. The next morning, I woke with diarrhea, that was the worst. I had a mild temperature and had no symptoms for about a day and a half. I felt pretty good. On the 3 rd day, I went to the hospital because I had fainted and went in an ambulance. I spent 4 hours in the hospital until 3 am when they sent me home because there were patients that were in worse condition than I was and they needed the bed. I was feeling pretty rank and started getting a headache. I finally fell asleep and woke up with a temperature of 101 and then an hour later I was shivering. By then I was taking a shot every hour of You know what.

This continued for a couple of days. On Tuesday morning I was coughing, but not too bad, and got some cough medicine but it didn’t help much. Tuesday night I started coughing uncontrollably, over 80 coughs per hour. I bought more cough medicine, and nothing helped. I coughed less in the daytime. Wednesday, it came back with a vengeance with me coughing more than 80 times an hour. By nightfall, I had no sleep and was still coughing. I was exhausted. On Thursday morning I went to the hospital. My oxygen level was 90 when resting and 88 when I moved around. When I got to the hospital I was in bad shape from no sleep. I got there and 11 am and it took an hour and a half to see the doctor all the while coughing like mad, they took my heartrate, blood, and X-ray. I was given a half ounce of cough medicine and within 15 minutes my cough stopped and stayed away. I thought it was some special medicine only the hospitals had. I asked them the name of the medication and to my surprise, it was Robitussin that the medical staff had given me. If I would have had this I would have been back to work earlier, at least three days. Between You know what and Robitussin I feel like a new man.


Most Sincerely,

Al Siamon, CFO of You Know What



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