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Balance 7

Rapid Response

Rapid Response

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Rapid Response wound cleanse, accelerate healing process

Soothing alkaline wound wash instant pain reduction

A cleansing pain relief wound wash formulated for all types of skin conditions. Effective on cuts, lesions, abrasions, and especially burns. Use for pain relief. Rapidly relieves bug bite stings.

Safe for the environment

Ingredients: water, sodium, phosphate, & citrate

Directions: 1. spray or lightly wet area 3 times per day. 2. pat dry with clean cloth after each application. Continue as needed. Do not over apply

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Whether your body is Acidic or Alkaline you should put in NEUTRAL!

The human body is naturally slightly alkaline, with a blood pH of around 7.35 - 7.45. As we grow older our body starts to go either too far left or too far right (pH scale beside).

We become either too acidic which means that there are a lot of acids in our body fluids or we become too ALKALINE which means there is a lot of bicarbonate in our blood.

Acid or Alkaline is the reason for various diseases and health conditions.

Where Your Body Wants To Be

Boost Your Immune System

Are you feeling old before your time?

Every afternoon your energy slips away, brain fog sets in & you wonder what’s going on with your body?

It’s not that you’re getting old, the acid builds up in your body is sapping you of your energy. The food we eat, the wines, coffee, liquor are all very acidic.

Experience the Power of Balance7™

When you drink Balance7™ pH 11+ alkaline concentrate in 3 days time your body will feel the energy return, brain fog disappears, joint discomfort, heart burn, all disappear. Your body’s immune system is back on track. Everything is in your hands.

You want to feel the feeling of being young again? Balance7™ pH 11+ alkaline concentrate is the answer!

If you drink Balance7™ pH 11+ alkaline concentrate you will feel so much better your immune system will then keep you in the best possible health.