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Don’t Be a Victim of an Acidic Body

A number of studies have found that the body becomes acidic, and this acidity contributes to most modern diseases. More recent studies in the medical literature are further establishing a link between bodily acidity and almost all diseases. If one is wondering whether hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses are associated with bodily acidity, the answer is yes. Two important questions are addressed:

A. What is acidic body?

B. What can I do to avoid being a victim of acidosis?

Acidemia happens when your blood pH drops below 7.35 (normal blood pH). It puts constant pressure on the body to compensate for all the acid-inducing challenges like the disruption of enzyme function, loss of insulin sensitivity, and cellular metabolic changes.
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Understanding Acidosis and Taking Control of Your Health

Your body does everything in its power to correct the acidemia. Your lungs, kidneys, and bones are the main compensatory organs in making corrections. As time goes on, your body becomes overwhelmed and cannot correct the small changes, and that is when the body starts to break, and diseases start taking a hold of your body. Your blood pressure starts creeping up, your blood sugars will increase to sky-high levels, you will gain weight, and you will end up in the hospital suffering from a stroke or heart attack. To avoid being a victim of acidosis, you need to know how to avoid it. The following tips will help you overcome the stealth killer “acidosis”: 

  1. Cut down or stop drinking sodas completely (they are the highest contributors to the acid load).
  2. Decrease meat intake (especially processed meats).
  3. Get your preventative check-up as directed by your physician or according to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).
  4. Get a yearly check-up no matter how good you feel.
  5. Exercise at least 3-4 times per week
  6. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily food intake.
  7. Read the labels on everything you buy. You will be surprised about what kind of junk is added to bottled food.


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