WE HAVE A GROWING community of product "partners".  These are people who have used our products and experienced firsthand the benefits and want to "get the word out".  We designed programs that make this possible in a way yields significant financial reward.  These benefits are provided for you as a user of our product who would like to be a health "partner" rather than pay for expensive and often unproductive advertising.  Here are two ways you can be involved...



BECOMING AN AFFILIATE gives you a way to help others improve health.  At the same time it provides you a powerful way to earn wealth.  Helping the "health" life of your friend and being paid...  Now you can the "afford" the time to help others.  Our affiliate program is powerful, easy to use, and keeps your efforts rewarding you each time your customers purchase in the future.  

IF INTERESTED, be sure to contact the affiliate who connected us with you.  We honor the efforts of those love our products and partner with us to spread the word.  Your referring affiliate  will explain how you can become an affiliate Partner.



YOU MAY WANT to become a traditional distributor or wholesaler.  We can help you do that.  Contact our office sales department directly through form on the Sales and Marketing Page (or phone number) and we will provide details on how to be a Distributor (or Wholesaler) and participate in significant discounts based on volume and sustained sales.

AS AN AFFILIATE, you may link us to companies who become Distributors or Wholesalers and purchase at special volume rates volume discounts.  You earn Sales Rep commissions for your efforts as a Balance 7 REP.



PERHAPS YOU ARE or know a health and nutrition professional that needs cutting edge pH balancing products but MUST slso have a partnership program that guarantees them business profitability in an easy and reliable way.  We have a MEDICAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM tailored for these professionals.  

THIS IS AN EXCITING program.  These affiliates will be able to prescribe Balance 7 products to their clients and be guaranteed a profit stream from these direct online purchases by their clients.  Specials discounts will provide incentives for customers to use their Medical referral links.  With compromising our commitment to the end user, we provide a practical and profitable and easy solution for the medical professional.

The professional may also utilize his own Medical Affiliate account and ship directly to customer (and bill customer separately).  Under certain conditions, private labeling is possible.

Literature designed for the professional is also possible.  In addition, a special landing page to site, custom designed for Medical Affiliate is available. This powerful product line is combined with a powerful marketing plan.  

Contact us for details on how to integrate this powerful products into your plan for helping your clients.  You may become a Medical Affiliate or a Medical Direct Distributor.  We think you will be thrilled.  Call our Sales and Marketing department for more information.

Ask for information on our MEDICAL PARTNERS