Oxygenation Benefits In Fighting Cancer

OXYGENATED (pH BALANCED) BODY HELPS FIGHT CANCERIt is clear from research that cancer survives best only in an environment with little or no oxygen. The cells in the body chronically denied oxygen are the best candidates for the horrible and cata

Professionals Speak Up About Balance 7

BALANCE 7 – STATEMENTS FROM THE PROFESSIONALSTestimonies from professional in the alternative medicine industry…I had organized a video interview from Dr. Jonathan Lemler and Dr. Meridian Grace to talk about their experience with Balance 7. Dr. L

Hard to Believe

A while back we received an email from a lady unknown to us.  It was unsolicited.  The email contained an extensive log (and pictures) and conveyed a story that was not only difficult for some to believe but also hard to forget.  We th

I Remember the Day

I Remember the Day

A PAINFUL MEMORY (WITH GOOD ENDING)"It's not easy to get excited about things often UNTIL it happens to you.  People told me FIRST AID helps with pain, especially that of burns.  I knew it was true, in theory, because I trusted the people w